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Welcome to Aspire Wealth!

You've reached your home for creating the life you really aspire to,  with the resources you need, the mindset it takes and the money you want to achieve the wealth you deserve- for yourself and your loved ones.  
We are excited  to come alongside you on your wealth journey. 

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If you are any thing like us, right now you probably feel...

  • Overwhelmed by the economic news and rising prices

  • Confused about what are the "right" money moves

  • Sad because you want the Instagram, Facebook life but it feels like an uphill battle 

  • Upset that your credit score is like a rollercoaster 

  • Uncertain where to start to improve your your finances

  • Afraid that you may never achieve your financial aspirations and ready to settle for the status quo

  • I'm Ready to Sign Up!

What If....

  •  You could join forces with a fierce group of like-minded women of color who are focused on similar goals in a private, safe community where you can come as you are? 

  • You could change your habits and behavior through training and tools designed by Black women for Black women and delivered by certified, proven subject matter experts who have achieved real results?

  • You had a consistent accountability partner and systems aligned with your values and goals

  • -You had access to internationally recognized coaching techniques to ignite your consciousness, help you heal your past and solidify new patterns of success? 

  • You  were invited to quarterly wellness retreats in beautiful spaces curated for you to fill your cup and leave restored with fresh energy and motivation to pursue your quarterly goals? 

Happy Friends
Basic Aspire 2.png

That's Why We Created
Aspire Wealth Mastermind,
A 10-month personal finance growth program that combines training, coaching and accountability
After 10 months, you'll...


  • Have saved at least $1000.00 (the program can pay for itself!) 

  • Finally aligned your reality with your dreams

  • Have a spending plan that works with your needs and desires 

  • Have a wealth building plan that's realistic 

  • Build a support system you can count on to help you stay on track through good times, celebrate your wins and motivate you to keep going

  • Understand how to increase your personal effectiveness in not only finance, but business, work and relationships

It Works!


Here's What Our Members Are Saying 

  • The program helped me to challenge beliefs about myself and building wealth. I was blessed to pay off the last of my credit card debt and my credit score shot up 90 points by the grace of God! I now have $5,000 in a savings account. I obtained a $7,000 loan for my business in the form of a high-rewards credit card discussed in the accelerator. ~ V. Moses, 2022

  • Thank you for this amazing accelerator. My net worth has improved. My debt percentage continues to reduce consistently and I have paid off two credit cards. ~ P. Wicks, 2022

  • I implemented the tools and training into my own life. I am happy to report that my credit score has increased 35 points, I have a new relationship with money, and a mindset shift caused me to increase the revenue in my business by 57%. I am grateful. ~ V. Murray, 2022

  • I'm celebrating the fact I have a new less stressful work position, more time to spend with my family and friends, new ways to budget my finances, $400 made through the FaceBook Marketplace, approved by a lender for a new home and getting closer to locating my dream home in another state. ~ B. Hilliard, 2022

Online Class

Aspire Wealth Mastermind
Value & Investment

  • 36 Hours of expert personal finance training

  • 36  Hours of  of certified coaching 

  • 20  Personal Development & Finance Tools 

  • 3  Luxurious All Inclusive Day Retreats includes training, coaching, physical and mental wellness  activity, lunch 

  • 2 Accountability partners 

  • 1 Ultimate Financial Self-Care & Wellness Journal

  • Access to the  private Aspire Quarterly Book Club 

  • 1 yr subscription to the Aspire Community (web-based but not Facebook or Instagram) 

  • 1 year subscription to the Aspire Wealth Resource Collection 

  • Aspire Wealth is a hybrid program with monthly 90 minute mastermind meetings held on the third  Wednesday of the month from 8 am to 9:30 am via Zoom; Retreats are in person and dates TBA based on group availability

  • 2023 Investment -  $1990 

  • Special Holiday  Investment Rate - $199 per month/$1500 one time payment  (Available through January 1, 2023 at 11:59pm) 

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