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Get Equipped, Elevated & Empowered.

You're Ready for Help Along Your Path
Aspire is Ready to Help 
  • Measurable results 

  • A Network of Proven Business Advisors, Connections and Capital 

  • Experienced Business Practitioner and Executive Instructors 

  • Like-minded women work together to achieve their goals

  • Focused on strengthening your operations and systems as a springboard for growth and scale 

  • Development and delivery of 3 - 5 Year Growth Plan that takes you to your next 6 or 7 figures goal

  • Part of an ecosystem of partnerships you can leverage to solve your specific challenges

  • Not toxic hustle and grind, we promote peace of min and foster  positive productivity

  • Intentionally small groups to provide customized plans that work for each individual CEO

  • All materials, books and supplies provided 

Aspire  Program  
  • 12 weeks

  • Hybrid 

  • Convenient Lunchtime Sessions

  • Strategic Financial Growth

  • Enhanced Marketing & Sales including Digital Marketing

  • Optimizing Operations & Systems 

  • Planning for Sustainable Scale 

  • Women of Color  CEO Wellness Coaching including trauma-informed Self Compassion Practices, Goal Setting, Time Management and CEO Leadership Development

Who is the Ideal Aspire CEO? You Are!

  • Woman of Color 

  • In Business for minimum 3 Years* 

  • Has Revenue up to $1M

  • MBE, WBE Certified or Desires To Be 

  • Wants to Grow, Scale and Lead 

  • Open-minded, Team Player, Community Builder

*WCEO may make exceptions on a case by case basis


2024 Cohort Schedule Start Times 

C5 - April  

C6 - September 

C7 - TBA 

Applications Are Open. Apply Today.  


Meet Aspire Cohort 1

Meet Aspire Cohort 1

Erika Pryor, CEO

Erika Pryor, CEO

C1 Epic Learning Today Industry: TechEd

Kendra Alexander, CEO

Kendra Alexander, CEO

Bickley Innovations Industry: Small Manufacturing C1 Pitch Competition Co-Winner

C2 Pitch Night

C2 Pitch Night

C3 CEO Wellness Retreat

C3 CEO Wellness Retreat

H1A is Now Aspire

Learn More! Watch The Aspire Information Session Here 

More Testimonials from the Aspire CEOs  #LegacyBuilders

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