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Quick, what's your super power? Did something come instantly to mind, maybe more than one or are you struggling with the question? Would it surprise you that your easiest, smoothest, most definitely guaranteed way to #success, prosperity and fulfillment is through your super power?

As #Blackwomen we can carry so many expectations, burdens and loads that are put on us, that we adopt that reality. We can't enjoy the privilege, the freedom, that comes from accessing the full force of our super powers because Black women rarely are given the space for this self-discovery. Discover Your Super Powers by Tamara Paul creates and opens up this space inside us and leads our journey. By the way, This is not your MyersBriggs or Discover Your Strengths or other workplace assessment or magic. No, no. It's a whole new thing. It will reveal super powers you may not even know you have! You will also discover your "kryptonite" (what made Superman weak) and why you may be feeling a sense of uncertainty, of being stuck or unfulfilled. Wouldn't it be easier to move out of your comfort zone if you knew your super powers would kick in to high gear when you need them!

Discover your Super Powers: The Key to Unlocking Your True Potential is our quarterly book selection. Join the book group and book giveaway by registering here and hold August 26 at 7pm for our first BBB Author Chat with Tamara Paul!!!

Ladies, let's activate our super powers and #empower ourselves to new levels of success and fulfillment! I'm excited! ~ Keena K. Smith, Founder WCEO



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