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Kim Tapia Leads WCEO Hire 1 Accelerator

WCEO CEO Keena Smith announced that WCEO has hired Kimberly Tapia as Managing Director of the HIRE 1 Women's Small Business Accelerator (H1A). "Kimberly has the experience, passion and drive I have been seeking to lead WCEO's signature program. Her hiring unlocks our capacity to launch the accelerator program in February of 2022 after nearly a year of planning, strategizing, friend- and fundraising.", she said. Kim's bio is attached.

An intuitive thinker and innovator, Kimberly Tapia continues to push the envelope as a successful entrepreneur and business consultant. Her fields of experience span over 12 years in the areas of Strategic Planning, Financial Analysis, Lean Six Sigma, Continuous Improvement, Process Improvement, Operational Excellence, Business Coaching, Project Management, and Leadership Principles.

Like you, Kim believes in the importance of businesses & the direct impact they have on our global economy. As a business consultant, Kim’s real world/in-the-foxhole approach has helped organizations across multiple industries. It is Kim’s keen understanding of business ecosystems that have helped her clients drive increases in productivity, organizational effectiveness, quality of products/services, along with establishing robust management systems and creating higher employee engagement and growth. Coined by her clients, she has earned the nickname “pathfinder” for her efficiency approach to identifying problems and developing solutions. Leveraging her years of experience, Kim developed a unique process improvement framework called PPAR (Plan-Perform-Assess-Refine). Through this framework, Kim has helped her clients capture voice-of-the-customer perspectives, clearly define problem areas/gaps, and establish sustainable solutions rooted to continuously improve. A trusted advisor, Kim has held a variety of interim roles within numerous startups ensuring a seamless implementation period. Kim has a proven track record in helping businesses maximize their successes and continues to work with the most dynamic organizations.

Kim lives in Bexley, OH and actively participates within her community through memberships such as: Board Member – SocialVentures; Board Member – Ohio Women Veterans Advisory Council; First Connect Advisor – Rev1; Team Lead - Community Consulting Team; Equal Opportunity Advisor – US Army Reserves; George W. Bush Institutes Stand-To Veteran Leadership Program Scholar. Kim earned a Bachelor’s degree in Resources & Technology Management from Troy University; she earned a Master’s degree in Business Operational Excellence & Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification from The Ohio State University.

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