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7 More Ways to Protect Your Family + Home Hand Sanitizer Recipe

Washing your hands for 20 secs, avoiding touching your face, social distancing are all ways we know to avoid coronavirus formally known as COVID 19. Here are 7 additional practical ways to protect you and your family.

1. Keep hand sanitizer in your car and garage. Use it each time you get in to drive (pro tip- especially after pumping gas!) and before you enter your home. Out of sani? See the recipe below.

2. Use hand sanitizer on a tissue to wipe down your phone, laptop and tablet.

3. Prefer to stick with soap and water? Keep liquid soap and a bottle of water to rinse handy.

4. Buy a phone case that encloses your phone instead of leaving it exposed.

5. In a public restroom stall, use a tissue or paper towel to open, close and reopen to stall door

6. No disinfectant wipes? Go back to tried and true Lysol spray. You can find a travel size too.

7. Clothes hold germs, clean your clothes hamper

DIY Hand Sanitizer 2/3 cup Rubbing Alcohol. Experts suggest at least 90% because of the dilution 1/3 cup Aloe Vera Gel Splash of Essential Oil for scent

Pro-tip: This is a strong blend. Keep lotion handy because the alcohol is very drying.



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