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Aspire Accelerator

Girl, get your money right and faster
with our nationally recognized faculty!

Virtual Accelerator Coaching
  • 60 min Coaching Calls

  • Materials, books and supplies provided 

  • Dates to be Announced

  • Monthly Curriculum 

  • Money Mindset coaching 

  • Spending & Debt Management 

  • Improving Credit Scores 

  • Investment Portfolio 

  • Goal Setting 

  • Accountability 

  • Habit-building reinforcement

  • Read financial and self-development books by popular Black women authors like Rachel Rogers, Tiffany Aliche, Minda Harts 

  • Small group learning

  • Build a new network of women who are getting richer

  • Set a goal and conquer it  

  • Wealth Accelerator Tool Kit with all materials, books and supplies 

Annual Cost $299.00 
National Award Winning
Faculty and Coaches

(top, clockwise)

  • Michael Hairston - Instructor & Certified Financial Advisor 

  • Debrena Jackson Gandy, The Million Dollar Mentor Coach 

  • Stacy Spears - Onionomics Financial Wellness Coach

  • Keena Smith- WCEO CEO, Facilitator Coach 


WCEO's Women's Wealth Accelerator Will Cover 

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